Why does Network Manager rock

I was out of the city (Saint Petersburg) for two weeks, and I needed some kind of Internet connection (there was no wired or wireless connection). So I bought a 3G USB dongle from the local mobile network operator. I had never used such devices before. Mine one was a Huawei E1550 (E620). I plugged it in USB and waited for some seconds. A new device (with the suggestion to create a new connection) appeared in Network Manager's list of connections. I clicked for Next button three or four times, selected my operator from the list and... that's all! I clicked for a new connection and I was in Internet after a few seconds. No third-party software or drivers installation. Awesome! Just plug-and-work. Thanks to all NM developers for such a great job.

P.S. Just got an email for successful final evalution for my GSoC 2010 :) I'm really happy to finish this summer on positive note, though a lot of work is on the road.

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Network Manager doesn't rock. It thinks I'm not connected to a simple ethernet wire, and says so to all of my apps. Unfortunately, some of them are GNOME rules abiding, so they think they're offline (like Liferea). It's been so for more than a year.
Debian, amd64

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Did you read that: http://wiki.debian.org/NetworkManager ?

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