Learning Autotools

I've started to learn Autotools more deeper than "add some source file to existing project" or "copy makefile from another project and change there something". During GSoC this year I haven't got enough time to learn Autotools well (just read manual for Libtool to understand how to compile my Totem plugin), and now it's time to fill this emptiness in my head. And I want to say a big 'thank you' to A. Duret-Lutz for his great tutorial, it's awesome! All things are explained in details, it's like to assemble a LEGO toy right in my head. After reading GGAD book I had a blur notion about how Autotools work. That's not because GGAD is bad explained book, no. It's just because it's not targeted to cover such things.

Also: Russian translation for GNOME 2.32.x raised up to 99%, just couple of lines left — great work of all the team! And I've translated Release Notes for 2.32, hope it helps somebody to look at GNOME more closely.