GSoC Weekly Code Report 11

Ouh, yet another week is gone. It's a time for the "soft" pencils down state — to fix bugs and to make final touches. Well, I still have a lot of work and ideas to do :) For me the finish line of the GSoC 2010 is rather smooth because I will continue working on my project after that, so it's just some kind of a checkpoint I have to go through.

This week I was working on my GstToc implementation. First of all, I fixed some stuff: added GstStructure field to GstToc and GstTocEntry to store some additional info there, added pointer to the GstPad into every GstTocEntry to track the origin of the chapters. I added a new GstQuery — TOC query, using which you can retrieve full TOC with UID marker for the TOC entry which can be used to extend the TOC with new entries. Also I added a new GstEvent — TOC select event, to select a chapter or edition to start playback from. It will make easier chapters navigation via applications. Now I can remove start/stop and format values from GstTocEntry because they are not generic (some elements doesn't need them), but we need to find a way to store these values somewhere so that applications can retrieve them for additional information for the user interface. And I updated GstToc tests to handle new query and event, and docs for all the recent changes.

Well, I've done not so much I wanted last week, but last three days I was working only for some hours due to the breakage of my laptop's AC adapter :( Just got a new one ($55 for that — the costs are quite high here in Russia), and now I can work more. I'm moving out of the city for two weeks, so I'll be online not a much time, but I'll not stop working and try to find some kind of mobile broadband Internet there. Next week I want to work on GstToc stuff and it's implementation in the Matroska element.

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