GSoC Weekly Code Report 10

Heya, guys! I hope you all had a great time at the GUADEC :) This week I hadn't done too much due to absence of my mentors, but I got some days for the rest a bit, which I spent reading some books. Well, not only the books, actually. We started to discuss with Sebastian Dröge how we can integrate GstToc into the GStreamer, and I got first stuff I need to fix/implement for that. Also I read FLAC documentation to prepare for implementing cue sheets using GstToc and looked up through the flac element to figure out how I can do that. Now it's pretty clear for me.

Last week I was quite accurate with my planning due to the GUADEC :) Now, when all are backed, I can continue working on my project. First of all, I want to continue working on GstToc integration. I think that amount of work is quite well to do, so I'll do my best. Also I wish I'll have time to work on my chapters plugin. Now when Bastien Nocera is here, we can discuss what I need to do with it. See you next week with some results :)

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