GSoC Weekly Code Report 5

It has been a month gone since the start of GSoC coding... The time is running too fast. I've done my last exam in university, and now I'm waiting for a practice, but it will be a bit later. Last weekends I was at Petergof, a very beautiful and amazing suburb near the St. Petersburg. Though it was full of tourists and visitors, I had a good free time :) Also I re-installed my Debian and Fedora systems due to bad performance of the file system (reiser 3.6, had been heavy used for 2.5 years). Spent some time to get compiled fresh GTK+ and friends. Well, back to GSoC. I planned to read GStreamer documentation last week. But half of the time I was busy with my chapters plugin. My mentor Bastien Nocera reviewed all my work done before, so I was fixing issues and implementing some features:
  • read GStreamer documentation: full Application Developer Manual and a half of a Plugin's Writer Manual. Not bad, I think, but I need to finish them this week;

  • reported to bugzilla some typos found during documentation reading;

  • couple of days ago Totem was ported to libpeas to use it for plugin handling, so I read related docs and ported chapters plugin to libpeas. It was really easy to do it ;)

  • cleaned up code a bit, fixed some style issues and fixed bugs/memory leaks found. Thanks to Bastien for reviewing my code;

  • made first steps to integrate plugin into the Totem: now preferences window has option to auto-load chapters:

    Well, screenshots are ugly a bit because of building Totem with GTK+-3 (2.90.x version), and I haven't tuned themes yet for it;

  • now after Totem's launch chapters plugin looks like this:

    There is no empty list with buttons anymore if no movie is loaded, and it looks more cleaner. Also you can load chapters from any external file (if auto-load is disabled, or no file with chapters was found). Here is a chapters plugin screenshot after loading movie without chapters data:

    Well, I'm not sure about buttons' position... Maybe it's better to move them bottom? Any feedback is welcomed. So, here you have two ways to go: to load chapters from existing file or to add them manually from scratch while watching the movie. I also removed holes from pixbufs;

  • made some minor fixes/improvements.
That's it. I've done almost all that I was planning last week. Only I need to do is to finish GStreamer documentation reading (hope to do it these weekends or at the begining of the week). But I made some progress with my plugin, and that's a nice surprise :) Totem 2.90.0 was just released, so you can test it along with chapters plugin. I synced my repository with Totem's master, so you can find where to grab the fresh version on my portfolio page. Next week I want to start to design generic chapters interface for GStreamer after I'll finish reading all the docs. Have fun on weekends :)

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