GSoC Weekly Code Report 4

This week was quite busy and productive for me. I have been continued working on my GSoC project (Totem chapters/markers plugin). I had two exams during this week - one of them just today :) Well, they are done and only one leaves. I wanted to implement GIO support for read/write operations, and that was my main idea for the week. But not only GIO support was implemented, let's look more closely:
  • implemented GIO async read/write support so plugin is capable to work with non-local resources (like ftp, smb and so on). I've successfully tested it on samba share;

  • added popup menu for chapters list - using it you can rename or delete any chapter(s):

  • added multiselect - now you can select as many chapters as you want and delete them all, also you can select all chapters with Ctrl-A and delete selected chapters with Del key;

  • added i18n support;

  • plugin now uses Totem's dialogs for error reporting;

  • improved CMML parser a bit and fixed some bugs;

  • filed some bugs for typos in GIO and GTK+ docs.

So, I'm looking back to the last week: all my plans were completely done, moreover some other things were done, too. Now the first part of my proposal is done: I've finished format-agnostic chapters support and you can use chapters with any video file :) I really glad to reach it :) Now my code is waiting for a review by my mentor (Bastien Nocera). All are welcome for testing!

What's next? Now I'm starting to do my next part of the project - generic chapters support in GStreamer. It is supposed to be useful for DVD chapters, Matroska chapters and so on. Later I hope to implement Matroska chapters support in my chapters plugin. So, a lot of work to be done... Next week I want to read GStreamer documentation as I'm not greatly familiar with it: Application Depeloper Manual and Plugin Writer Manual. Maybe I'll start to work on generic chapters support in GStreamer, but there a lot of docs to read, I can't promise it definitely.

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