GSoC Weekly Code Report 6

Well, yet another week has gone. I spent this week rather actively and have some results to report :) Finally, I got today my welome package from the Google. Delivery took about 10 days - it's really very good timings, our post service can deliver internal letters much longer. So, my last results:
  • continued to fix issues to prepare for master merge - made a lot of fixes and improvements;
  • read GTK-doc manual, filed a bug for typos I found during it's reading (well, I was a bit confused about such amount of typos, so it took time to file them all) and wrote inline documentation for my plugin;
  • removed chapter renaming dialog - now you can rename chapters right within the list, that's make interface more cleaner and simple to use, also added button (instead of rename) to go to selected chapter. Also filed a bug for GTK+-3 crash;
  • wrote patches to improve Totem's open-location dialog - thanks to Philip Withnall for reviewing them and giving me some advices;
  • finally read all GStreamer documentation, so now I'm ready to make some work on implementing generic chapters support;
  • wrote to Sebastian Dröge my initial design suggestions for generic chapters structures.

Looking back, I could say that I did all goals I've set last week, but I thought reading docs would take less time.. Next week I want to continue fixing issues to prepare chapters plugin for master merge. Also I want to read EBML and Matroska specs and discuss design of structures for generic chapters support. And to start some coding to fill these structures (I hope to do it) by hacking matroska element in GStreamer. See you soon :)

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