GSoC Weekly Report Pre 2

This week I have been working on the clip list implementation in the Totem sidebar. Last week I had been working on parsing cmml file and listing all the found chapters to stdout. So, this week it's a time to make some GUI :)

The basic idea was to make something like this:

At the right side you can see chapters sidebar. There is a list of available clips for playing video. For the every clip there should be a title, start time and a pixbuf with the start frame. Also tooltip for the clip should display all available info (except the pixbuf, I think). Here is a screenshot of how the chapters plugin looks like:

So, what I've done:

  • made a new one hakergotchi - hope it would be accepted :)

  • added to the Totem sidebar list with all available chapters for the current video file;

  • added tooltips for clips in the list, like this one:

    Firstly I implemented tooltips using "has-tooltip" property and "query-tooltip" signal, but I don't like that tooltip doesn't change it's position during the cursor movement over the GtkTreeView rows, so I made it using tooltip column;

  • added navigation between clips by double clicking on them or pressing the Enter key ("row-activated" signal);

  • there was a small problem with navigation: Totem uses GST_SEEK_FLAG_KEY_UNIT while seeking through the video files via GStreamer, and such seek isn't accurate enough - on 2 hours video the difference between the time you want to seek and the time you will actually seek at may be about 10 - 15 seconds, which is too much. I talked with Bastien and made a small patch for the Totem which adds ability to seek accuarately using GST_SEEK_FLAG_ACCURATE. Now navigation works fine :) This was my first experience with making git patches, using git-bz extension - I'm going to read git manual more carefully

  • added clips' pixbufs into the list, they are just black for now;

  • cleaned up code and fixed some bugs.

The coding part of GSoC starts next week , so it will be a time for getting more fun :) First of all, I need to find a way to get frames for clips' pixbufs. Also I'll start to implement writing support for chapters (edit, add, remove), even if video file doesn't have a cmml file. Stay tuned :)

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Lamalex комментирует...
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prokoudine комментирует...

Какая драматическая сцена на эскизе интерфейса :)

Анонимный комментирует...

"At the left side you can see chapters sidebar"

Your other left? :)

asaprykin комментирует...

Well, this was a typo :)

asaprykin комментирует...

Надо же было что-то нарисовать :)

Søren Hauberg комментирует...

This looks excellent; thanks for working on this.

One minor comment: since this is a video player I don't think you need to put the decoration around the snapshots (I'm thinking of the grey dots along the vertical borders of the snapshots).

asaprykin комментирует...

Thanks for feedback :)
It's not a final result, so all may be changed.

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