It's Time to Translate

GNOME 2.32 release is coming, so it's time to prepare translations for your language. Currently it's about 96% translated into Russian, and we are going to hit 100% like in previous release :) If you have some free time — you can help to spread GNOME by translating it into your native language. It's a great pleasure to use software in native language, even if you are great in English. Let's make this release ready for the whole world :)

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I'm a native English speaker, but I use my computer in Esperanto, and I am fluent enough to translate applications into it. Could you tell me who I should contact to go about doing this?

Patrick Niedzielski

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Hi Patrick,

you should go to Esperanto team page ( and contact with them to figure out how you can help with translation.


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Thanks Alexander, I'll contact them soon!

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